Motorcycle Area



C.O.S. machine has the purpose to weld the positive flags of group of plates, building the positive pole of element; analogously the procedure is done for negative flags to build the negative pole of element. Machine is able to work N° 12 groups per cycle. Machine is configured in the following way:

  • Rotative table with N° 4 jig box;
  • Manual loading unit;
  • Brushing, fluxing and tinning units;
  • Melting unit with crucible (capacity 1,5 ton);
  • Manual unloading unit;
  • Electrical cabinet for management of machine completed with PLC Siemens S7 and operator interface panel.
Product Table

Group size (min)

12 x 50 x 50mm

Group size (max)

30 x 140 x 110mm


2 batterie per ciclo

Position in line Assembly