Acid filling levelling machine

Mainframe made stainless steel AISI 316L, equipped with adjustable foots, safety panels and doors – all equipped with safety devices in according to CE standards.

Filling levelling head (*) has polypropylene tank for store acid, equipped with  centrifugal pump and pneumatic valves for filling of acid inside the batteries. Manual valve for discharge of tank Device for detection of presence of acid inside the batteries. Three ways solenoid valves for commutation of unit from filling to levelling. Six little heads for every head with six spouts adjustable. Levelling system equipped with vacuum pump. Pneumatic cylinder for up/down of head.

Conveyor for battery transport equipped with synchronizer and stoppers.

Electrical cabinet with PLC Siemens S7-300, operator interface panel, push-button panel for manual commands.

(*) Machine can be realized with n° 2 filling levelling heads to increase the productivity.

Product Table




1300 Kgs

Power supply

380 V + 3 KW 3 phase + N + GND

Air consumption

150 Nl


6 bar

Piping connection

Ø 12 mm


3500 mm (A) x 1700 mm (B) x 2150 mm (C)

Productivity (one head)

From 3 to 5 batteries / minute (depending from sizes of batteries)

Productivity (two heads)

From 4 to 7 batteries / minute (depending from sizes of batteries)

Position in line Formation