Automotive Area


Saldapoli a riporto for car and truck batteries type SPU-02

Mainframe made of carbon steel painted, equipped with adjustable foots, safety panels and doors – all equipped with safety devices in according to CE standards.

Automatic regulation of height of head by recipe selectable on operator interface panel.

Automatic regulation  of wheelbase between two welding devices by recipe selectable on operator interface panel.

Handwheels for regulation of head on Y axle

Post welding head has two welding devices (one for positive pole, the other for negative pole) equipped with supports oxyacetylene torches and welding shells (to change in order to battery in process, if car or truck).

Device for rotation of torches constituted with gears positioned eccentrically in refer to the axle of welding shells. It’s possible to adjust the eccentricity to direct the flame along the superior circumference of pole .

Pressure reducers for regulation of gas and oxygen.


Asameters equipped with capacity regulation device.

Electro-valves for opening/closing of gas and oxygen during the working cycle

Electro-valves for opening/closing of cooling water and flow rates for the control of water passage

Unroller for feeding of lead wire

Modality of work “Car” or “Truck” selectable by recipe on operator interface panel

Conveyor for battery transport equipped with synchronizer and stoppers.

Electrical cabinet with PLC Siemens S7-300, operator interface panel, push-button panel for manual commands.

Product Table

Name of machine


Type of machine

SPU - 02

Sizes of machine

2650 cm (A) x 180 cm (C) x 250 cm (B)

Weight of machine (including the electrical panel)

1030 Kgs

Electrical supply

380 V + Neutro – 50 Hz

Air consumption

50 NL / min


6 bar

Piping connection

Ø 12 mm

Position in line Assembly