SHM Compact Machine

Mainframe made of stainless steel AISI 316L, equipped with adjustable feet, safety panels and doors – all equipped with safety devices in according to CE standards. Frame contains three machines.

High rate discharge head has two groups for high rate discharge test. The head is equipped with cylinders for up/down, handle for rotation of head to work car and truck batteries, handwheele for regulation of position of head along Y axle and for adjustment of wheelbase between two high rate discharge groups. Every high rate discharge group has fingers made of copper, attached on a clamp, that open/close on the pole. High rate discharge test verifies if the battery is correctly formed, taking a determined quantity of current from the battery and measuring the voltage that must enter in a specific range (if it doesn’t enter the battery is discarded).

Marking head equipped with AUTOMATOR’s marking device (dot marking or hot marking)  that prints on the battery a code chosen by manufacturer.

Conveyor for battery transport equipped with synchronizer and stoppers.


Discarding bench capacity 3 batteries equipped with expeller cylinder

Electrical cabinet with PLC Siemens S7-300, operator interface panel, push-button panel for manual commands.



-          Pole greasing head equipped with greasing little heads with sponges for greasing of circumferences and top side of pole and vaselina oil feed pump.

-          High rate discharge tester 2000 A 12 V type PENTA b HIDIS by BERTOLA completed with software PENTA-b NTWD 7.1 with all functions for remote control (*)


(*) On Customer demand, it can be installed a high rate discharge tester with different features or different brands.


Note: it’s possible to realize COMPACT MACHINE with different combination of heads, for example a compact machine with pole cleaning and high rate discharge heads, or dielectric + high rate discharge + marking heads 

Product Table



Sizes of machine

3200 mm (A) x 1500 mm (C) x 2200 mm (B)

Weight of machine (including the electrical panel)

1800 Kgs

Power supply

380V + 5 KW 3 phase + N + GND

Air consumption

60 NL


6 bar

Piping connection

Ø 12 mm


6 batteries/minute series L

Position in line Finishing