Washing drying tunnel

Mainframe made stainless steel AISI 316L, equipped with adjustable foots, safety panels and doors – all equipped with safety devices in according to CE standards.

Pre-washing unit: it is contained in a transparent box and it is equipped with nebulizer connected to centrifugal pump that sucked the water from collecting tank below. The water is recycled and kept constantly clean by rinsing unit. When battery runs along this unit, it is completely sprinkled by nebulizers. The quantity of water is determined by opening/closing of manual valves placed on feed pipes of nebulizers.

Brushing unit: it has a series of brushes for cleaning of all sides of battery. One horizontal  brush cleans the superior side of battery, two lateral brushes clean the lateral sides of battery, one brush clean the frontal sides of battery. All brushes execute a rotative movement and they have bristles made of black polypropylene diam. 0,50 mm. It’s possible to adjust the position of  brushes by apposite handwheel placed out of machine. Eventual installation of detergent pump.

Rinsing unit: this unit is contained in a transparent box. Rinsing unit is equipped by nebulizers connected to water net. The battery in this unit is always rinsed by clean water. The water falls and it is collected in the tank below and recycled by prewashing unit. The quantity of water is determined to opening/closing of manual valves placed on the feed pipes of nebulizers

Drying unit: it has a centrifugal fan installed in a sound absorbent box placed over the machine. The unit has a series of pipes with adjustable bellows for approaching to the battery and direction of air. When the battery runs along this unit, it is completely dried by hot air

Conveyor for battery transport equipped with synchronizer and containing guides.

Electrical cabinet with PLC Siemens S7-300, operator interface panel, push-button panel for manual commands.

Product Table




TL / 6


3000 Kgs

Power supply

380 V + 3 phase + N + GND

Absorber power

80 A

Water consumption

20 l / min

Air consumption

90 Nl


6 bar

Piping connection

Ø 12 mm


7100 mm (A) x 1300 mm (B) x 2500 mm (C)


6 batteries / minute

Position in line Assembly